Top 20 Car Rental Safe Driving Tips

Hitting the road on your next trip? Whether you’re heading to Grandma’s with the kids or driving up the coast of Cyprus, don’t leave home without our tried and tested car rental driving tips. Read on to learn more about avoiding traffic, saving money and staying safe (and staying awake!) on your next road trip. [...]

How To Drive An Automatic Transmission Car Rental?

The automatic transmission cars weren’t never so popular as the manual transmissions’. These are 3 reasons: they give less driving control (because we can’t control the strong of the vehicle with the gearbox, so we can feel that the car is self-go, we can’t drive it) they consume more fuel they are more expensive During [...]

Autumn Cyprus Car Rental Driving Tips

The weather in autumn is often unpredictable. A beautiful, sunny afternoon can convert into rainy and cold in minutes. The days are getting shorter; we are often going home from work in dark. But of course there are pleasant things too, such as the warm, the colorful foliage of the trees, the comfortable sweaters. There are also [...]

Car Rental Cyprus… A short guide to local roads

If you're driving Car Rental Cyprus, there are a few things you need to know! First Off, The Basics Although cars with both manual and automatic transmissions are available in Cyprus, most local drivers favour automatics, as this leaves them one hand free to use their mobile phone. Incidentally, the use of mobile phones while driving [...]