10 Best Car Rental Tips

So, you are going on vacation. Make sure you arrive at your destination and get around it, with as little hassle and expense as possible. Most vacations require you to rent a car to get around if you are flying to your vacation destination. So, here are the top 10 Best Car Rental Tips:

10 Best Car Rental Tips for Safe & Cheap trips

Choose The Car

The size of vehicle depends on the size of your group. A family may need an SUV or minivan to fit all their luggage, car seats, and passengers, whereas a small group, whether sweethearts on a romantic getaway or a group of friends, may only need an economy car, which saves you money on the rental and on gas.

Shop Around

One of the best car rental tips is to shop around before you buy. Use travel sites or go to the car rental company’s site to check prices on the size of vehicle you are looking to rent. Some may be offering promotions or coupons. For example, some companies offer 50% off the price of a rental if you rent on the weekend for three days.

Compare Rates on Discount Auto Rentals

Although sometimes it can seem that all Car Rental rates are about the same, keep in mind that car companies keep track of each other’s prices to be competitive. It’s important to compare rates from various companies, to find the best price.

If the rates seem reasonable and you don’t have to give your credit card number, book the car. Then, go to that company’s website, directly, and see if you can get better cheap car rental rate on the same vehicle using a discount code, coupon or special from the site itself.

Avoid Rentals Inside at Airports

If possible, avoid renting a car directly through an airport office location. There are many additional fees when you pick up your rental from the airport desks. Many hotels offer shuttles from the airport to the hotel, so if possible, ride the shuttle to your hotel and then book your rental car through a downtown location

Insurance or No Insurance?

In some locations, Car Rental Insurance is not optional, but if it is optional, see if you need it before you pay. Many car insurance companies will cover rental cars as well, which negates needing to buy insurance from the rental company. If you pay for your rental with a major credit card, it may also have insurance. Make sure you talk to your car insurance company and credit card company to see what they cover, so you know whether you need to purchase additional insurance.

Search Online for Deals

Search online for a “coupon code” with the company’s name and see if there are any coupons you can use when you book the car online.

Check for Deals with Organizations

Before you book a rental, check to see if your credit company, or your employer offers any discounts on car rentals. The best car rental tips are sometimes right under your nose.

Rent for longer

Sometimes you can get a better deal if you rent for longer period. Some rental places have a weekly rate. You will want to inquire as to when the week starts and ends so you plan your car rental to be able to take full advantage of the savings.

Be Sure for the Level of Petrol

When you return the car, make sure the gas tank is the same level as you star, or you will be charged a premium for the rental company to fill at on the same level of the tank.

Return the Car on Time

Get your timeline in place. You might be charged extra if you return the rental car early or late.

For a safe, fun trip don’t forget these top 10 best rental car tips!

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