10 Tips For Summer Car Rental Driving

When the temperatures during the summer are so high, it is better to have a car rental. This is the busiest time of the year when people choose to travel for their vacations. We will offer you 10 tips, which will make your trip safer. 10 useful tips Make a plan for your trip. If you [...]

5 Reasons Why To Travel With Cyprus Car Hire

"Rent a car" has been known for more than 100 years. Certainly the progress in all these years is huge and nowadays the customer receives and many options not only the car. The number of Cyprus car hire customers increases more and more. The striving to improve the service lead to development in this field. [...]

Cyprus Introduces Tougher Traffic Fines

In order to improve road safety and eliminate unconsciousness of the citizens, Cyprus introduced new provisions regarding the Road Traffic Offences which came into effect the 1st of October 2020. Firstly, the amended legislation refers to new penalties for which, no provision was made in the past. Specifically, DRIVING Without a third-party insurance – Penalty [...]

5 Advices For Economical Driving A Rental Car

Nowadays, fuel economy is among the things of particular importance when choosing a rental car. High fuel prices create opportunities for people who have not chosen a very economical car to reach save fuel with a few basic rules.   1. Drivе a higher gear, but at low revs. To achieve the fuel economy is [...]