How to return a Cyprus rental car fast and easy?

Cyprus rental car allows you to drive your chosen car for a predetermined period which must be strictly observed, under the terms of the contract. Every renter is obligated to read these terms in advance and with renting the car he is signing that he read and agreed with the conditions of this contract. Whether [...]

Safety Distance While Driving

The number of traffic accidents due to non-keeping safety distance is quite large. So the team of  Z&X Cars advise you not to drive faster than it is allowed and to keep enough distance. For your safety and tranquility you need to know what should be the safety distance between two cars on the road, how [...]

What To Carry With You On A Long Trip

Car rental trips on long distances are nice and are a good reason to spend a pleasant time with your family and friends. Due to the long duration may be problems of any kind. Here are some important things you need to carry with you when you go on a long trip. Some of them [...]