Tips For Safety When Renting A Car In Cyprus

When you choose to rent a car in Cyprus as your preferred method for traveling around, you will have to mind some basics. As always, being well-prepared is a good first step towards staying on the safe side and keeping your user satisfaction as high as intended. Our list of behind-the-curtain tips includes both customer-client [...]

How to Choose What Car to Rent

Making the most of your trip to a foreign city or country heavily depends on choosing the proper type of car to rent for the purpose. On the one hand, picking a suitable vehicle will grant you the kind of experience and the space you need; on the other hand - it will keep you [...]

How To Properly Sanitize Your Rented Car?

Wherever you are traveling to and whomever you are trusting as a local rented car provider, keeping your hygiene standards high is a number one priority. A well-sanitized and polished car looks good, smells good, feels good, and guarantees your health on the go. This is why today we are sharing a bit more about [...]