5 Safety Tips for Spring Break Road Trips

Spring break is almost here again! There’s loads of excitement in the air, and students are itching to go on long road trips or beach getaways. Air travel costs aren’t really a student’s best friend. And that makes road trips a popular option for Spring Break adventures. However, taking on road trips does come with [...]

What is Defensive Driving?

It’s estimated that driver - related factors may be present in as many as 90% of traffic accidents – these are factors such as driver fatigue or being distracted while driving. An easy way to improve everyone’s safety on the roads is to cooperate and help each other by driving defensively. What is Defensive Driving? [...]

7 tips for driving on wet road

Rainy days can cause problems for drivers. We remind you some simple tips that you should follow for good and safe travels. Slow down The best way to avoid slipping caused by water, dirt, oil, etc. is to slow down. Driving at a lower speed allows tires to have more contact with the road, which [...]