5 Ways to Prepare Your Car For Hot Weather

While you will always be reminded to ‘winterize’ your vehicle for the cold winter months, have you ever been told to get your vehicle ready for the warmer months in the spring and summer? Preparing our cars for the upcoming season is something that many people often forget to do. Now that the temps are [...]

Should You Rent A Car For A Road Trip?

Perhaps you are already planning a road trip this year? A road trip is an exciting adventure, but one of the major decisions to make before your trip is whether to rent a car for your road trip or drive your own. We look at several aspects of renting a car for a road trip [...]

What Are The Benefits Of Small Business Car Rental?

Until recently, long-term car rental used to be taken up by international corporations and large companies. This method is becoming increasingly popular among small and medium-sized businesses—and not without reason! The times of having to own a vehicle seem to be far behind us. Buying a car tends to strain the smaller and medium organizations [...]

Road Trip Tips For Families

Road trips can be a rewarding way to travel as a family, thanks to the flexibility of travel times, the ability to stop when needed, and kids being familiar with the family car. However, sometimes long hours on the road make for cranky kids and parents. Take some time to anticipate the unexpected and properly [...]