5 Reasons Why To Travel With A Car Rental

"Car Rental" has been known for more than 100 years. Certainly the progress in all these years is huge and nowadays the customer receives and many options not only the car. The number of car hire customers increases more and more. The striving to improve the service lead to development in this field. Some of [...]

Autumn Driving

Temperature changes are something usual during the Autumn. In some of the european countries rain, fog and even snow are expected then. The nights are longer and that's why more car accidents happen. We have selected some important tips you should keep an eye on during your car rental Autumn driving. Headlights Forward headlamps, rear [...]

What Is Rental Car Upgrade

Counter staff may offer you a better rental car than you booked, with a bigger price tag. Here’s how to work out when it’s worth paying extra for a more blinging set of wheels. What is rental car upgrade? A rental car upgrade is when you are offered a car in the next car group [...]

Common Car Maintenance Mistakes

There is a lot more to car maintenance than most people put into it; let’s explore some of the most common car maintenance mistakes drivers make when it comes to maintaining their vehicles and what to do about it. Mistake #1: Not inspecting your brakes regularly. It is very important to get your brakes looked [...]