5 Reasons Why To Travel With Cyprus Car Hire

"Rent a car" has been known for more than 100 years. Certainly the progress in all these years is huge and nowadays the customer receives and many options not only the car. The number of Cyprus car hire customers increases more and more. The striving to improve the service lead to development in this field. [...]

Cyprus Car Rental.Why To Wear A Seat Belt?

When you drive Cyprus car rental, you should always put your seat belt on! No matter how fast you drive or how far you go, the absence of seat belt may lead to serious injury or death. Young drivers' attitude to seat belts Young car drivers and their companion have the worst habits when we [...]

Highway Driving Car Rental Tips

Have you ever felt that you are the only good driver on the motorway, everyone else is not safe, too slow or bad? Despite how good you think yourselves, there is a good chance that at a given moment everyone thinks of exactly the same thing about him/herself. Check out our highway car rental tips. [...]

Fuel Policies Of Car Rental Companies

A variety of  car rental companies offer different fuel policies, which are often not very clear. The golden rule is that before you make a booking, look after the possibilities. At least you should know their obligations. Option 1: Full to full This is the most common fuel policy worldwide, in addition this is the [...]

Bicyclist On The Road

When you are driving a car, you have to watch a lot of things for safe transport. Let’s talk about the bicyclist now. 10 rule for the drivers Every year hundreds of cyclists are injured in a traffic accident. Therefore every driver should follow these important rules: 1. Pay attention to the vulnerability of the [...]

Spring Car Rental Cleaning Tips

Spring is fast approaching and you need to start your car clean-up after a long and dirty winter. The cars go through a lot of things during the winter – snow, ice, salt, sand, slush, gravel – and they collude that the cars can become very dirty both outside and inside. What should you look [...]