Why hiring a car while on holiday is a must

From freedom to finances, there are so many reasons why hiring a car for your foreign getaway is a great idea. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of flagging down a taxi on the side of the road and say hello to the novelty of renting a fresh, new, reliable ride. If you’re planning a road [...]

What foods you must definitely try when in Cyprus

As the mesmerising Mediterranean island of Cyprus is found at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Asia, its food has evolved steadily to cater for the different tastes. Discover the impressive variety of Cypriot cuisine here. Halloumi Probably the most famous Cypriot dish, Halloumi’s popularity now extends to many countries throughout Europe and the Middle East. Because of the cheese’s high [...]

A Road Trip Through Cyprus

Blue skies, warm water, and white sandy beaches are reason enough to visit this ancient island. The best way to see this Mediterranean gem? A road trip through Cyprus! It’s hard to visit Cyprus without making plans to come back before you even leave! If you like crystal clear water, white sand beaches, Mediterranean food, [...]

4 Great Beer Gardens around Cyprus

With the scorching summer heat already upon us, we thought it fitting to offer some great suggestions for a cool night out! Rent your car and follow our tips. What better than an ice-cold beer outdoors, surrounded by trees and flowers? If you’re looking for a refreshing pint, a hearty lunch. or just a place to [...]

Water Tanker For Sale

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