A Luxury Spa Escape in Paphos

Set in a valley of mature trees, the resort offers a unique retreat, a place of profound calm and the opportunity to enjoy the health-giving waters which have benefited visitors for so many years.  The Spa was first formally opened in 1649 by two brothers, Cosmas and Damianos. Their generosity in offering treatment often without [...]

Endless Summer Mosaics Exhibition – Charis Tsevis – Almyra Hotel

Charis Tsevis is a Greek visual designer and artist whose work is known around the world for many years now. Tsevis became famous for the development and introduction of his own innovative techniques for digital mosaics. International companies (Nike, Toyota, Coca-Cola), media enterprises (Wall Street Journal, Time and CNN) and advertising companies (Leo Burnett Hong [...]

5 + 1 Ways to Stay Safe Under the Sun

We all know that nothing quite beats a holiday glow. But as you shed off the layers and head for the beach, always remember that the sun rays in Cyprus are exceptionally strong and can be extremely harmful if you don’t take the necessary precautions. TOP BEACH DOS AND DON’TS: 1. Don’t burn! Yes, we’re [...]

Why hiring a car while on holiday is a must

From freedom to finances, there are so many reasons why hiring a car for your foreign getaway is a great idea. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of flagging down a taxi on the side of the road and say hello to the novelty of renting a fresh, new, reliable ride. If you’re planning a road [...]