How To Sanitize Rented Car Properly?

The pandemic situation has completely changed everything right from having a face mask while commuting to ample restrictions for our favorite weekend trips. Hiring a car from a trusted car rental service in Cyprus can help you make your travels safe by keeping your vehicle safe and sanitized for traveling. With many cleaning products and sanitizers introduced into the market, it is often confusing to determine how to sanitize and disinfect your cars efficiently. Here are some useful tips to properly sanitize your vehicle every day:

What to Use?

Not to mention, good quality rubber gloves are the primary requirement to keep yourself safe during the whole cleaning process. It would help if you properly disposed of the gloves after sanitizing your car without touching anywhere else with it. Isopropyl alcohol is widely considered to be an effective product to kill germs and viruses from any surface. However, Isopropyl alcohol can cause severe damage to leather seats. Hence, superior suitable products should be used to clean the seats. Similarly, to avoid any damage to the touchscreens’ anti-glare coatings, refrain from using household glass cleaners. You may use a regular soap water solution with a controlled amount of water to avoid excess moisture inside the car.

What Not to Use?

As the car interior parts are made of varied materials, it is essential to take high precautions while selecting the cleansing products. Although beaching and hydrogen peroxide are popular chemicals to kill coronavirus, they can cause severe damage to vinyl and plastic surfaces. Ammonia-based cleaning chemicals should be strictly avoided, especially on the dashboard, as they make the surface sticky when later exposed to heat and light. If you can’t find the appropriate chemicals, a balanced solution of high-quality soap and water is sufficient for necessary cleansing. Use mild scrubbers made out of smooth materials to avoid damaging the car’s sleek coating and other delicate surfaces.

Common Touchpoints

Before starting the rigorous cleaning process, it is essential to identify the common areas highly exposed to contract with external viruses. In the front section, the steering wheel, console box, gear lever, and switches are the main area to focus on, as they tend to be a highly contacted surface by the driver. The dashboard buttons and other control switches are the secondary regions to sanitize. Other usually contracted areas such as cup holders, light switches, armrests, seat belt clips, and all the internal door handles should adequately wipe off. Cleaning and sanitizing the car exteriors, especially the doors and door handles, is also necessary as they are continuously in contact with the outside air and substances.

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