Chevrolet Spark

Start from 27€ /per day
The Chevrolet Spark was designed to carry four adults and is ideal for city and town driving with light steering. The Spark has sharp edges and trendy front and rear lights. The inside space is comfortable,
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Kia Picanto

Start from 28€ /per day
The Kia Picanto is a city car produced by the South Korean manufacturer Kia since 2004. <There's plenty of room in any of the four seats. The five-door body style means easy access to the rear,
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Mazda Demio

Start from 39€ /per day
The Mazda Demio has been very cleverly engineered, although it seems small on the outside it is very spacious on the inside. The Demio was made by the same engineers who made the RX 8 so
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Kia Rio

Start from 39€ /per day
The Kia Rio feels impressively grown up for a supermini, thanks to its spacious, stylish interior. The interior is tidy and fairly modern. There is a lot of space in the front, rear and boot which gives
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Nissan March

Start from 39€ /per day
The Nissan  March is stylish and fun. It comfortably sits 4 people and is the perfect ride in town and at motorway speeds. The spacious boot can also fit a couple of travelling luggage. The 5-Door Hatchback
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Toyota Rush

Start from 68€ /per day
The Toyota Rush is a cute, tall, stylish and spacious 4x4. The acceleration is not as fast, but that's because the Japanese take safety into consideration before anything else. The Rush is easy to handle, does well
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