Recommendations for driving in the rain

Regardless of our driving experience, we tend to get nervous when we notice that it is starting to rain, visibility decreases and the car loses grip on the road. Here we offer you a few simple tips to help us keep calm on those rainy days. Avoid using cruise control Nowadays most of the vehicles [...]

The Essential Road Trip Checklist

Hit the road without hitting the brakes because you realized you forgot your jacket, toothbrush, phone charger, passport. Make sure you have got everything you need before you hop on the open road with this helpful road trip checklist. Pack these road trip essentials and make it a smooth and memorable journey! Reserve A Vehicle [...]

Top Tips On Travelling In 2023

We understand that a rise in the cost of living will cause many issues for our 2023 plans. However, following these tips can help you save money or prevent any hassle if you still decide to take a trip abroad this year! Do your research Make sure to use price comparison and review websites before [...]

5 Ways to Prepare Your Car For Hot Weather

While you will always be reminded to ‘winterize’ your vehicle for the cold winter months, have you ever been told to get your vehicle ready for the warmer months in the spring and summer? Preparing our cars for the upcoming season is something that many people often forget to do. Now that the temps are [...]

Should You Rent A Car For A Road Trip?

Perhaps you are already planning a road trip this year? A road trip is an exciting adventure, but one of the major decisions to make before your trip is whether to rent a car for your road trip or drive your own. We look at several aspects of renting a car for a road trip [...]