What Is Rental Car Upgrade

Counter staff may offer you a better rental car than you booked, with a bigger price tag. Here’s how to work out when it’s worth paying extra for a more blinging set of wheels.

What is rental car upgrade?

A rental car upgrade is when you are offered a car in the next car group up from the car you booked. The upgrade might be to a bigger car, or it might be to a rental car with a better engine or some other feature, such as a convertible roof. You will usually pay an extra daily fee to get an upgraded rental car.

And what’s a FREE upgrade?

If the rental car you originally booked is not available and you are offered a bigger car as an alternative, you shouldn’t be charged. It’s still an upgrade, but it should be FREE. The car hire company have a duty to offer you a car that’s at least as good as what you booked, so you should not be charged extra for it.

Offered an upgrade? Ask yourself three quick questions

1) Is the upgrade right for your trip?

Think about what type of car would best suit your trip. If you are driving and parking in town or city, smaller cars are perfect. Whereas if you have got plenty of luggage and planning on a longer roadtrip, full size or luxury cars are much more comfortable.

2) Is the price right?

Take a moment to work out the overall price of your rental. The price you will be quoted at the counter is for the upgrade only. Add the upgrade cost to what you paid when you booked. Make sure you are happy to blow your budget if that’s what the upgrade does. Also it’s worth being clear you are comfortable with how the upgrade price works: is it a daily extra or a single price for your whole trip?

3) What about fuel?

Bigger cars with more powerful engines tend to use more fuel, and any insurance or cover you buy on top are likely to cost more too. Be confident you can handle the other extra costs before you take the bigger better car.

Tip: Cheaper upgrade options

If you booked your car online and think you might want a better one, check out your options online before you set off. It means you can take your time and think about what you want, without any time pressure. Online prices tend to be cheaper than last-minute prices too, so you can have your sports turbo and eat it.

Take a rental car

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