What To Carry With You On A Long Trip

Car rental trips on long distances are nice and are a good reason to spend a pleasant time with your family and friends. Due to the long duration may be problems of any kind. Here are some important things you need to carry with you when you go on a long trip. Some of them are universal, applicable to all seasons, and the others depends on the season.

Personal documents and money

It is good to carry with you the car documents, your personal documents-driving license, ID card. It is extremely important and you could show it when they ask you for example at the hotel, restaurant or any other institutions. Carrying documents will save you time and troubles. Do not carry large sums of money in your pocket. Bring enough but never too much. It is more convenient to keep your money in credit and debit cards, and you can easily withdraw it from the ATM.

Food and Beverage

On long trips is very important to have food and drinks. Sometimes journeys have unexpected development or last longer than anticipated. If you have enough food and drinks any unforeseen circumstances will not worry you.

Mobile phones and devices

You have to charge your phone on full level before you go. You can take with you other devices that will keep you connected with family and friends. It is good to carry portable charger, which could help you to charge your phone directly from the car.


It is very important to have clothes for warm and cold regardless of the season. Although summer is warmer, the night temperatures can fall and is good to have warm clothes and shoes for that kind weather. The car that you drive probably has heating and air conditioning, but it will be hard to spend the whole trip there.

Tools and fuel

Try to fill your fuel tank to the top, before you go on a long trip. In addition also take a full fuel tube. It’s good to have and basic tools to remove minor damage on the vehicle, because the road is unpredictable. You should have a spare tire and a first aid kit.


Source: Top Rent A Car

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