9 Easy Tips For Great Cyprus Car Rental

Hiring a Cyprus car rental means you can explore wherever you travel at your own pace. Discover quick and easy car hire hacks to help you enjoy all the fun and freedom of renting a car, without any stress. 1) Book your car before you go Find the perfect rental car for your next vacation. [...]

Summer Driving Advices

The summer is here, the holiday season is coming. More and more people take the road and because of this and the warm weather, accidents are more common. What makes the summer driving difficult? The increasing number of the teen drivers on the road: with the school ending the young drivers start taking the car out. Because [...]

What Should Not Do With Cyprus Rental Car?

Although you have rented Cyprus rental car, it is good to know what rules should be followed and what should not do with the rental car? – Do not smoke in cars Most Cyprus rental car companies maintain a smoking-free car fleet. However, if someone smokes in the rented car, you can expect to have [...]