Endless Summer Mosaics Exhibition – Charis Tsevis – Almyra Hotel

Charis Tsevis is a Greek visual designer and artist whose work is known around the world for many years now. Tsevis became famous for the development and introduction of his own innovative techniques for digital mosaics. International companies (Nike, Toyota, Coca-Cola), media enterprises (Wall Street Journal, Time and CNN) and advertising companies (Leo Burnett Hong Kong, Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles and Publicis New York) are among his clients.

His work is used in advertising, publishing and visual communication and in the past few years he’s also known for his artworks. His projects decorate public and private spaces all over the world. Typical examples of these are the giant mural of the Golden Gate Bridge in the Delta Airlines VIP lounge at the San Francisco International Airport, the murals in the House of the United States Olympic team in Rio De Janeiro, the mosaics for Nike stores around the world and many more.

Charis’ works can also be found in private collections or workplaces, dining and entertainment spaces. Many large international galleries and specialised art dealers are in collaboration with the artist and are promoting his works.

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This is his first solo exhibition in Cyprus, where he has been living for the past 3 years. Tsevis states that “Paphos is home by choice”. He followed his dream to be settled in Paphos, a dream inspired 7 years ago during his summer holidays at Almyra Hotel. The fact that his first exhibition is hosted in the same place the Cypriot dream of the artist was born has symbolic meaning.

The exhibition includes a series of mosaics on canvas titled “Endless Summer”. The main theme for all artworks is the everlasting summer. It is an attempt of recording moments from a bright and bittersweet, beautiful and beautified time. Stereotypical scenes with sun, sea and joy. Instantaneous with old popular magazines and advertisements. Innocence and nostalgia, consumption and effort to honour the memory. And in this bright summer comes a series of Aphrodites that identify themselves with various hypostases of the ancient goddess. Sometimes Urania and sometimes Pandemos. They are always multicoloured, made out of retro images of nature and intense colours. They are the colours of the summer in Paphos that dominates all over Cyprus. Yellow, blue, gold, green, yellow, white. The mosaics of Endless Summer praise the carelessness, the beauty, the innocence and the awareness of their loss.

In the end they praise the unique youth. The only essential capital of this world that we would like to keep forever as with summer. Without reconciling with its unhindered consumption.

The exhibition will run from the 21st of September to the 21st of October.

The opening party will take place at the pool in Notios restaurant of the Almyra Hotel, on Friday, 21/09, at 7:00 pm.

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