5 + 1 Ways to Stay Safe Under the Sun

We all know that nothing quite beats a holiday glow. But as you shed off the layers and head for the beach, always remember that the sun rays in Cyprus are exceptionally strong and can be extremely harmful if you don’t take the necessary precautions.


1. Don’t burn!

Yes, we’re all quick to say how silly people who overdo it in the sun are, then we have a couple too many beers at lunchtime and doze off under the umbrella. Before you know it, you’re no longer in the shade, your delicate skin is being bombarded by the full force of the sun, and by the evening you’re glowing enough to read your book without switching the light on! Keep in mind that the sun rays are the strongest between 12 noon and 4pm, so whatever you do, stay firmly under the umbrella at peak times.

2. Always wear reputable broad spectrum sun cream of an appropriate factor

(which really should be SPF 30 and above), and make sure you re-apply it after swimming. If you’re taking children to the beach, make sure they are well protected from the sun with Factor 50+. And remember – you can still burn, even if you’re sitting in the shade. One of the most common mistakes that people make at the beach is forgetting to put sun lotion on their precious tootsies. And that, can make for a very painful experience when they turn bright red.

3. Don’t forget your hat.

Your scalp can burn badly if you’re not careful and it’s always best to protect it. You can even get hold of special sprays from pharmacies or the hair dressers to protect your locks and scalp from the sun rays. And if you want to ward off wrinkles and premature aging, nothing beats wearing a really wide brimmed hat to hide your face as much as possible. And ladies take note: if you find the right style, you can also look super glamorous while you keep yourselves well protected!

4. Always wear good quality sunglasses

and don’t underestimate their importance. The sun can do lasting damage to your eyes too so it’s really not worth the risk. Go to a reputable shop to get hold of your shades and always look for UVA/UVB protection.

5. Keep drinking fluids

but steer clear of alcohol, as it dehydrates you. Frappes may be delicious, but caffeine can also make you more thirsty under the sun. To put it simply, nothing beats good old-fashioned water. And take note, always keep your water bottle out of direct sunlight as the heat can seriously affect the quality of the water.

6. Load up on fruit with a high water content.

It’s no surprise that you’ll see locals tucking into watermelon down at the beach. When you’re feeling peckish, the last thing you want in the midday heat is a big meal. Fruits such as watermelons are perfect, because they are not only nutritious and delicious, but they also serve to hydrate you and provide your body with much needed refreshment. They will also heighten your energy levels with the natural sugars really giving you just the right kind of boost.

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