Why Cyprus?

The island that charmed Aphrodite…


Cyprus’ climate is excellent with more than 340 days of sunshine, with July and August being the hottest months of the year and spring and autumn months being remarkably pleasant.

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Sunshine all year long

Cyprus has one of the warmest climates and warmest winter in the Mediterranean part of European Union.

A richness of history and culture

Various impressive archeological, historical attraction and various museums will fill your days with joy.

Beach and snow on the same day

During winter and early spring when there is snow in the mountains the sun is shining by the sea. It’s a distance of 40 minutes distance by car form the snow to the beach.

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Beautiful Beaches

Cyprus is well known for its beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters. Each Cyprus city has its own beauty and displays a small piece of paradise.

Short Distances

As a small island, Cyprus’ distances are relatively short, you can travel from one city to other even in 30-40 minutes while the longest distance might be around to 1.5 hours by car. This gives you the chance to experience different parts of the island in a limited period of time.

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Cyprus cuisine is much like the Greek cuisine. The ritual of sharing food ‘meze’, fresh local cuisine is really important part of the island’s culture. It is intrinsically linked from every social event to family gatherings.

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