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The ideal road trip for nature lovers combines the deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea and the verdant green of Cyprus’ mountains. Take in the magnificent views of Chrysochou Bay and as your journey takes you up to the Troodos mountains enjoy the verdant forest as it blends in with tradition and architecture.

Drive through the serpentine mountain road and enjoy the beautiful contrast of the wild green of Troodos on your left and the dramatic coastline of hill girt bays and seaweed-covered rocky shores in the deep blue colours of the Mediterranean on your right.


West of Akamas is a bay with crystal clear waters known as Blue Lagoon. The most popular place in the Akamas region offers white sand and breathtaking sea waters. Access the bay either by car from the Aphrodite baths entrance or by boat, with daily boat trips organized at the Latchi Harbour.

Explore the inviting waters and discover the reef filled with plenty of fish and rocks while snorkeling or relax and refresh in this natural swimming pool.

Aphrodite trail

Adventure further at one of the most beautiful trails on the Akamas Peninsula, offering stunning views of the Blue Lagoon. Discover nature filled with pine trees and rich vegetation as well as the water fountain with drinkable water. The Aphrodite trail is a memorable experience and the walk will be a lasting reminder of your holiday in Cyprus.

You will never ever get tired of the stunning views from the highest point on the walk.


Visit the seaside town of Latchi famous for its harbor and its fish. Enjoy the freshest fish straight out of the sea and onto your plate at the local fish taverns while taking in the scenic view of the harbour. Right next to the harbour is the picturesque Latchi beach offering the opportunity to relax or enjoy watersports.

The popular tourist destination is located near famous Akamas Peninsula, where the visitor can explore the Blue lagoon, the renowned Aphrodite’s Baths and the picturesque Aphrodite nature trail. Additionally, the visitor can find many accommodation options ranging from rooms for rent, villas for rent or luxury hotels.

The historic town of Polis Chrysochous dates back to the Neolithic era. The town is ideal for those seeking to combine relaxation as well as discovering history. Explore the town’s traditional square and enjoy a relaxing coffee at the local cafes or sample the Cypriot cuisine at the taverns. Watch history unfold at the Marion-Arsinoe Atchaelogical Museum, filled with exhibits in chronological order. The idyllic destination offers accommodation suitable for all tastes.


The coastal village of  Pomos is slowing gaining popularity amongst locals and visitors as a scenic destination. With the development of fishing in the area the harbour is the jewel of the village along with the picturesque beaches found along its coastline. The village’s history dates many years back, hence it offers lots of opportunities for exploration. Follow the trail to the famed Dragon’s cave where legend says a dragon live to protect the area! Wind down and enjoy the majestic sun set into the horizon painting the sky golden. The area now counts many villas, apartments and restaurants available for visitors to rest.

Just 3,5 km from Pomos find the idyllic village of Pachyammos. Its name oriniates from the words ‘Pachy’ meaning thick and ‘Ammos’ meaning sand, highlighting the lush narrow beaches ideal for those seeking a remote bay to enjoy the tranquility of the sea. Visit the impressive church of Agios Rafael, housing the miraculous healing powers of the saint. Watch the mountains blend into the sea and the sun set golden and magnificent, creating the most magical of scenery.


Follow the route to the picturesque Cedar Valley. Deep inside the Paphos Forest lie about 130,000 unique endemic Cedar subspecies. Enjoy a picnic below these majestic trees at the Cedar Valley picnic area and enjoy panoramic view of the coastline.

Enjoy the many nature trails passing from the Cedar Valley, a notable one is the signposted trail part of the E4 hiking trail goes all the way to Kykkos Monastery. Challenge yourself and climb up to the Trypilos peak, which offers magnificent views of the Paphos forest. The path also connects to the Horteri nature trail, which leads to the Stavros tis Psokas Forest Station. Don’t miss take in the endemic flora surrounding the trails as well as the famous Cyprus Mouflon housed at the Trypilos area.


The next stop is the picturesque Stavros tis Psokas area. Buried deep into the Paphos forest is a picnic area that will entrance you.

Visit the forest station near by and discover the rich vegetation of Calabrian pine, birch, oleander and other plants. Grasp the opportunity to spot in the wild Cyprus’ national symbol, the Cyprus Mouflon. Visit the chapel of Timios Stavros, to light a candle and pray. Explore the area at one of the nature trails and enjoy magnificent views surrounded by verdant vegetation.


Discover the religious background of the island at one of the most historic monasteries of the island. The beautiful Kykkos Monastery, dedicated to Panagia (the Virgin Mary), boasts the Byzantine heritage of the island in all its glory. The inside walls covered with beautiful mosaic that tell stories from the old and new bible.

Visit what is considered as one of the best Ecclesiastical Museum in the world. Within the museum one can find relics divided into four rooms : Antiques; Early Christian, Byzantine, Post-Byzantine, Vestments, Jewelry; Pictures, Frescoes, Wood carvings; Manuscripts, documents, books. The museum also hosts the Workshop where the manuscripts, icons and monastery is preserved. The entrance fee is €5 per person or €3 per person for Groups. Enjoy a good meal at the local restaurants or have a coffee while taking in the surrounding scenery. Take a memorabilia with you home from one of the souvenir shops.

Northwest of the Kykkos Monastery discover the majestic Throni. Perched up on a mountain top is a temple dedicated to the Virgin Mary known as the Throne of Panagia. The temple was recently rebuilt combining Byzantine and modern architecture. Walk along the impressive pedestrian street decorated with mosaics, leading to the statue of the island’s first president l, Archbishop Makarios III. Just a few meters below discover the tomb of the first president. While exploring the area enjoy the magnificent views of the Paphos forest.


The historic village of Kalopanayiotis boasts traditional architecture and offers a taste of cypriot culture. Stone built houses perched on the hill, separated by cobblestone streets demonstrate Cypriot tradition. Separated by the river with healing waters the majestic monastery of Agios Ioannis Lambadistis (Saint John Lambadistis) sits across the village. A visit to the monastery is necessary, since it belongs to the list of UNESCO Wold Heritage. It consists of builds dating from the 11th to the 18th century.

Around the corner discover the Byzantine museum, exhibiting ecclesiastical artifacts recovered from churches of the area and preserved at the museum. Trek down to the river and admire the 16th century Venetian bridge or follow the Kalopanayiotis -Oikos nature trail and explore the magnificent forest.

After a long day, fill your bellies with exquisite Cypriot cuisine at the restaurants or relax with a drink at the local cafes. Spend the night at one of the many accommodations available, consisting of refurbished traditional homes and rooms as well as spending the day at the spa.


Continue your journey into tradition at the village of Moutoullas. Nestled within the Marathasa valley is the village of Moutoulas, decorated with traditional houses perched on the hill. The village’s rich Byzantine history is demonstrated at the many churches found within the village, the most notable being the church of Panagia tou Moutoula, dedicated to the Virgin Mary and one of the ten churches included in the list of the Unesco World Heritage Sites.

Explore the beautiful nature surrounding the village at the two nature trails. The ‘Baths of Rigena’ and ‘Chlio’ nature trails offer the chance to walk amongst golden oak trees, aromatic bushes and unique rock formations. Finish your walk at the sulphur waters of either the bathing waters of the Queen or the the river where women went to wash their clothes.


Climb higher on the mountainside to the village immersed in the verdant forest of the Marathasa valley. Pedoulas village dates back to the Byzantine era and has to offer traditional architecture and rich history.

Visit the church of Archangelos Michael one of the ten churches on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Near the temple find the Byzantine Museum housing sacred relics and icons dating back to the 13th century. In addition visit the Folklore Museum and learn about the history and traditions of the island, exhibiting antique items reminiscing the old way of living.

Explore nature and walk along the nature trail leading to Kykkos Monastery or follow the trail to the neighbouring villages of Kalopanagiotis and Moutoulas.

Sit at a local tavern for a true taste of the Cypriot cuisine or enjoy a relaxing coffee at the local coffeeshops, while admiring the magnificent views of endless green and mountaintops. Spend the night at one of the many accommodations offered at the village and experience the rural life.


Finish your journey on the highest point of Cyprus. Enjoy panoramic views of the island and the mountains at an altitude of 1952 meters high.Mount Olympus or Chionistra has to offer views of endless green blending into the blue ocean during the summer months and the chill of winter and snow during winter, as it transforms into a winter wonderland. During the winter months grasp the opportunity to descend the snowy slopes of Troodos while skiing!

You can follow the linear short trail of Persefoni, where you can enjoy the Troodos Forest or follow the two circular nature trails of Atalanti or Artemis and walk around the Chionistra area where you can explore the dense Troodos forest and enjoy the lush vegetation and unique fauna found on the island. Just 4 Km below the Chionistra is the Troodos squarewhere you can rest and enjoy a coffee or a delicious meal or explore the special souvenir shops.


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