Why hiring a car while on holiday is a must

From freedom to finances, there are so many reasons why hiring a car for your foreign getaway is a great idea. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of flagging down a taxi on the side of the road and say hello to the novelty of renting a fresh, new, reliable ride.

If you’re planning a road trip in peak times like July and August, car rental prices can be higher than usual and certain cars may be in short supply. One way to avoid disappointment is to book your car hire well in advance. Quick sellers often tend to be 4x4s which are great for family road trips, or smaller cars perfect for couples and nipping around narrow winding roads.

Our tip to you is to match a motor that works for you and your surroundings. If you’ve never rented a car for your holiday, this is why you should consider it:

Forget the taxi

If you plan on using a taxi to get from A to B abroad, the costs can quickly mount up.. The downside to jumping in a taxi on holiday is unfortunately looking like a tourist can cost you. If you’ve fallen victim to being driven the long way around or even being charged twice as much for the same route as a local, you’ll probably be looking into hiring a car for your next getaway.

Even ordering a taxi over the phone can be a hassle, thanks to location and communication barriers…it’s just not simple. All these issues can be solved by renting a holiday hire.

Freedom to explore

Here’s your chance to take advantage of your new found freedom. Having a car abroad allows you to explore remote places more freely. Rocky mountain restaurants, hilltop landmarks and stunning waterfalls are all places that would be harder to reach by bus or taxi.

Hiring for your holiday can take you to places your own car can only dream of. If you want to pull over to admire the fantastic scenery, guess what – you can! You’re the boss and you’re in the driving seat!

Save, save, save

The amount you spend renting a ride can be saved elsewhere by booking a hotel that’s further afield, out of inner towns and cities. The chances are you’ll have way more fun exploring at your own pace. You’ll avoid the traffic, plus it’ll raise your chances of stumbling upon stunning scenery that you just wouldn’t have spotted otherwise.

Experience the novelty factor

Escapism – there’s no thrill quite like it. Sit back, relax and enjoy the novelty of exploring a new country in the comfort of your own hired car. Push the boat out and choose a car that really suits your personality. Have fun with it!

Fall in love with getting lost

Things haven’t gone quite to plan? That’s the fun of it! Hiring a car abroad gives you the opportunity to see a country for what it has to offer and there’s plenty of fun to be had along the way!

Although deciphering European road signs isn’t quite what you had in mind, it’s these experiences that can make a holiday one to remember (for the right reasons). When it comes to planning your road trip, make it a team effort and get the whole family involved.

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