15 Best Places To Visit In Cyprus By Car Rental

15 Best Places to Visit in Cyprus In the far reaches of the Mediterranean Basin, where the Greek Aegean gives way to the scorched Levant coast, Cyprus rises from the waters with the promise of ancient legends, timeless Greek and Roman ruins, sleepless party nights, mouth-watering mezze platters, eye-watering backcountry and – of course – [...]

10 Road Trip Essentials

10 Road Trip Essentials: How to Stay Safe, Sane, and on Track on the Road An organized space is a calmer space, and that is especially true within the tight quarters of a vehicle. Add a bit of zen to your trip by packing these 10 road trip essentials, which will help you stay safe, [...]

How To Stay Alert On The Road

Driving while tired can be extremely dangerous as it only takes one second of drifting off and poor concentration to cause a fatal accident. If you feel sleepy or tired, don not drive. Trying to stay awake and alert when you are driving long distances, especially at night can be risky. Z&X Car Rentals has [...]