Strange Things That People Do While Driving Car Rental

Laws prohibit the use of a mobile phone while driving car rental in Cyprus, but there are also many things that can divert your attention about the most important thing, the driving.

Whether you find the driving car rental fun or tiresome, you have probably developed more habits to entertain yourselves while driving. For example, singing or talking to yourselves – almost everything are guilty of doing so.

Driving Car RentalLet’s take a look at the most common habits:

– You are talking to yourselves or other drivers
Sometimes when anger takes over the place, you find yourselves crying to another driver who is unlikely to hear this. And often it happens that you talk to yourselves. Regardless of whether something funny happened before or you made driving mistake, some of the best conversations are in your car, with you.

– Watch the other drivers
When you are at a traffic light, the first thing to look at the people around you.

– You make stories about people

You decide who they are, where are they going and what their story is until the light turns green.

– Turn off the music when searching for a parking space
You’re in a new place and you need to find the right house, so you turn off the music to see the house well, do not? This is a crazy method that many drivers are using, even in the days of Google Maps.Driving Car Rental– You are worried about silly things
Are people watching the speed of wipers? Did the other driver look bad at me? Did I leave the oven turned on at home? Even the best drivers are likely spend more time with examining their own driving habits and worrying about things they can’t control.

– Nose drill
This sounds rough, but every third man drill his nose while driving, and statistics are similar for women as well. But attention – if you think no one sees this, you are wrong, the drivers are likely to notice it.

– Singing
9 of 10 people admit that they are singing while driving. Whether your favorite pop number is on the radio, or you sing in original performance, the first seat of the car is the best place.

Everybody is guilty – you do millions of different things while driving car rental, instead of focusing on the road, but this is a multitasking generation, is not it?

Driving Car RentalSome things:

– You try to make your makeup (or make your hair – the guys too)
It’s no worse than you grab your eyes with your favorite mascara or smear your lipstick and finally look like Joker.

– Snapchat
Sometimes driving is one of the best ways to make a funny snap. And of course there are car selfies.

– You talk on phone
It is forbidden in many state.

– You write messages
You want to believe that you are invincible, but you have to stop it.

Driving Car Rental– You make your own dance party
Do not do it, as if you did not dance when your favorite music sounded!

– Scroll through the radio stations until you find the best music
We scream if on every radio there is advert.

– You are completely elsewhere in head

When you suddenly leap somewhere and have no idea where you came from.

– Set the climate up and down to find the perfect temperature
Of course, you never find it, so you’re pulling down the window.

– You hold the steering wheel with our knees while you eat

Driving Car RentalThere are some strange habits without the need for completeness:

  • eating breakfast / lunch
  • solving Rubik’s cube
  • nail cutting, nail polish
  • dressing
  • reading book
  • brushing, flossing
  • shaving with electric razor
  • making homework
  • insert your contact lens
  • picking your eyebrow
  • hair drying with the ventilator
  • hair twisting
  • reading newspaper
  • video production, video editing
  • pressing acne
  • using laptops
  • training with hand weights


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