10 Weird Traffic Laws Around the World

If you thought that driving on the left or the right side of the road (depending upon the country you are in) and keeping an eye on traffic signals is all that is required to drive a vehicle around the world, you are absolutely wrong. There are some weird driving laws in different countries that can drive you crazy.

Here we tell you some unbelievable road rules that exist abroad.

A dirty car? You are fined

If you are feeling lazy to clean your car in Russia and still want to drive, be ready to be fined upto 2,000 roubles (approx. Rs 3,400).

Don’t yell or curse!

No matter who is in fault, the one who yells and curses first, is considered to be the RIGHT guy. But such is not the case in Rockville, Maryland; it’s illegal to curse in public, else you could be asked to pay a fine up to $100 (approx Rs 5,800) or can be booked in jail up to 90 days.

Don’t you ever turn your car’s headlights off!

In Sweden it’s necessary to keep your headlights on 24 hours a day. We understand that it’s required for places as cold as Sweden during winter, but you cannot turn your car’s lights off even if it’s June and weather looks just fine.

You can drink while driving, but you should not be drunk!!

In Costa Rica, you can take alcohol while driving as long as your blood-alcohol level isn’t above 0.75 per cent.

Don’t sit in the front seat if you are drunk

Drinking and driving is illegal, and that certainly should be. But in Macedonia, if one is “visibly under the influence of alcohol”, he/she cannot sit in the front seats.

Make sure that your driver isn’t drunk too

In Japan, being a sober passenger isn’t enough, if the driver is intoxicated, the passenger, also, can be punished under the law.

Carry an extra pair of glasses

If you wear prescription glasses, it’s necessary to carry a spare pair in your car under law, else you can be fined in Spain.

Women cannot drive

Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world that doesn’t allow women to get behind the wheel.

Your number plate can be a problem too

In Manila, you cannot drive your car on Monday if the number plate ends with 1 or 2.

Wearing shirt is mandatory while driving

In Thailand, it’s mandatory to wear a shirt while driving, going topless can fine equal to a few hundred baht.

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