Moving Screens 2017


The European Capital of Culture Paphos2017 sets up a network of screenings in Pafos’ community squares to revive the travelling cinema and the charm of open, open-air cinema.

Business Partner: Co-operative Central Bank

The Woman of my Life ( La Prima Cosa Bella   Italy 2010, 125

Time: 20:30

Date and Place: 8/8 Stroumbi, 10/8 Arodes, 12/8 Timi   

A romantic comedy from provincial Italy in 1971, which carries the atmosphere of the time through the extraordinary direction of Paolo Virzì, winning dozens of awards and a nomination for a better foreign language film at the Oscars.

Anna, a beautiful mother of two young children, struggles in every way to secure her little family after the collapse of her marriage. Without a profession, desperate to find a job and a new home. Despite the difficult moments, Anna teaches her children the courage to embrace the little joys of life and never loses her passion and optimistic nature, even when her beloved son rejects her.


Tuesday 8 August 2017, 20:30

Museum of Nothing (Maa Palaiokastro)


The emergence of historical sites through actions is one of the objectives of the Open Culture Factory. In the Museum of Nothing, in the Maa-Palaiokastro area, a concert with music will be organized, which will be written specifically for this purpose by the Cypriot composer Savva Savva, stating the Mycenaean colonization in Paphos and underlining the historicity of the area.

With a piano and an expanded selection of percussion instruments (bells, xylophones, drums, etc.), the composer will make the most of the possibilities offered by the space due to the peculiarity of his construction.

With the collaboration of the Cultural Agencies Paphos2017 and Avantgarde.


SeeFest – Cinema on the Beach

SODAP Municipal Beach


For the fourth consecutive year, the European Capital of Culture Paphos2017 organizes SeeFest – Cinema on the Beach and invites local, foreign and city visitors to share a cinematic experience under the stars and next to the waves. In 2017 4 films are proposed that combine deep humor stories with humor, overflows and adventures by linking and creating communication conditions through the great power of the 7th art.

Sponsor: OPAP


Wednesday 9 August 2017, 20:30

Their Best Moment (UK, 2016, 117)

In London in 1940, young Katrin is hired as a screenwriter of a patriotic film that prepares the Ministry of Information. Beginning to write a true story of female heroism, he quickly realizes that myth is always more charming than the facts, in a funny and emotional tribute to the cinema’s fictional power, clichés, tricks, and true lies.


Wednesday 9 August and Thursday 10 August 2017, 20:30

Pafos Castle Square


The Red Hour

It is a joint production of the two Cultural Capitals in 2017, Paphos and Aarhus, which involves artists from both cities. The idea and the creative part of the project owned by Marie Brolin-Tani, while the choreography signed by Melody Putu and Alexander Michael. Six dancers from the Black Box Dance Company dance group from Holstebro and four of their queens from Cyprus participate in the production. Gert Sørenssen takes on the musical composition and on stage live performance. Karoline Spyros is responsible for the lighting and related projections.

A collaboration of the European Capitals of Culture, Paphos2017 and Aarhus 2017.

9 August – 13 August 2017, 20:00

Akamas Project Ecological Cinema Festival


Neo Chorio 9/8, Droushia 10/8, Pano Arodes 11/8, Pegeia 12/8, Kathykas 13/8

In the framework of the Akamas Project of the European Capital of Culture Paphos2017, a complex program for the protection of natural areas and the sustainable development of the communities of the Akamas peninsula, an Ecological Cinema Festival is organized, which includes award-winning documentaries, short films and short animation films of short ecological content, With the aim of informing and raising public awareness of the environmental problems of the planet.

The Ecological Film Festival is organized for the first time in Akamas communities and is aimed at spectators of all ages, residents and visitors of Akamas.

With Greek and English subtitles.


Moons and Stars

Saturday 12 August 20:30

Ancient Conservatory

Music – Literature

From the Odyssey in the CC Cavafy with Giorgos Kimoulis

The 2017 Pafos Organization organizes a unique artistic evening combining music and literature together.

The poetry of the KP Cavafy by the great actor Giorgos Kimoulis, gathers the nostalgia of a lost human voice, allowing the composer Thodoris Oikonomos to approach them with his music and illuminate man through passions and mistakes. Looking at Bob Wilson’s Odyssey, the lights are lowered and the music goes around Odysseus’ myth, as Thodoris Economou dreamed of. The terms “Destination” and “Odysseus” serve as interpretive keys for the Ithaca Cavafy, which begins with the recitation of Giorgos Kimoulis, before reapplying the music in order to continue the journey.

Sponsor of OPAP Cyprus

Hosting Sponsor: Thanos Hotels – Almyra

Entrance: 20 € (regular) & 15 € students, unemployed, retired)


Information: +357 26 932 017 –  www.pafos2017.eu

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