The First 10 Minutes In Your Cyprus Car Rental

If most auto accidents occur within one km. of the departure or destination site, then most car rental auto accidents must occur within a few hundred meters of the car rental parking lot. We’ve all done it — hopped into the rental vehicle, started it up and headed out into the streets. Then, in the [...]

Paphos Car Rental: Costly Mistakes to Avoid

Summer travel plans involve a Paphos car rental! Heed these tips to avoid paying a premium on your vehicle. As Cypriots hit the road this summer, many will drive rental cars in other parts of the country or the world. While rental cars can be convenient, the associated costs are often confusing. Here’s a look at car rental [...]

Cyprus Car Hire Advice

We are sure that you will enjoy your stay here since Cyprus has something for everyone, whether you are sun seeker, explorer or someone looking for a relaxing holiday with great scenery. If you are thinking of Cyprus Car hire then you will no doubt have some questions. On this page we aim to answer our [...]

Car Rental Paphos: Eat Healthy While You Travel

The hustle and bustle of travel keeps you active and always moving. But whether for work or pleasure, long trips and quick jaunts aren’t always kind to your diet. Packing takes priority over meal prep. Whole foods are overlooked for their simpler, convenient, sugar-filled counterparts. These realities make travel nutrition tough. But traveling doesn’t need to trip [...]