Road Safety Measures In Cyprus

Following some basic road safety measures can reduce the number of road traffic incidents and save lives.

Whether you are a new driver or a seasoned one, everyone must know about these road safety measures to avoid any unfortunate incidents.


Let’s take a look at some of the most important road safety tips and rules in Cyprus.


road safety rules in Pakistan
It is mandatory for every driver to wear seat belt in Cyprus. One of the most crucial road safety rules is to wear seatbelts while driving a vehicle. Not following such safety measures on the road can result in penalty while driving in Cyprus.


wear helmets to reduce bike injuries
Wearing helmet can protect a motorcyclist from life-threatening injuries

Wearing helmets is also among the most imperative road safety rules and regulations in Cyprus.

All motorcyclists and cyclists must wear helmets that fulfil all the international safety standards while driving their vehicles on the road. The helmets should be firmly strapped to their heads to reduce the chances of serious brain injuries in case of an accident. Motorists not wearing a helmet are required to pay a fine. It is important to mention that traumatic brain injuries can lead to permanent disability and worse.


use side mirrors while driving in Pakistan
Always check your mirrors before changing your lane or slowing down on the road

Checking your mirrors before moving off is one of the top road safety measures to avoid accidents. You must check your rear-view and side-view mirrors before reversing the vehicle, pulling into traffic, changing lanes, taking a turn, hitting the brakes, overtaking, and slowing down your vehicle along with any change in speed. Being aware of your surroundings will keep everyone – including you, other drivers, and the pedestrians – safe.


car maintenance tips
Make sure neither of tyres is flat and there is enough fuel in the car before driving it

Make sure your car, motorcycle or any other vehicle is in a proper working condition before taking it onto the road. Always check the fuel level and look for any strange sounds coming from your vehicle. If the vehicle has any fault, make sure to get it fixed before it leads to an accident. Moreover, always carry a spare tyre along with a jack and lug wrench.


promote road safety awareness in Pakistan
Overtaking can lead to serious accidents

Overtaking is among the leading causes of traffic accidents in Cyprus. While driving on the road, refrain from overtaking unless it is absolutely necessary. Always make sure to check if the road ahead is clear enough for you to overtake. Similarly, check the vehicles behind you before pressing the accelerator.


safety measures on the road
Always turn on your indicator before taking a turn or switching to another lane

Whether you need to change the lane or take a turn, do not forget to turn on your indicator. This allows other drivers to either slow down or give you enough space to move without crashing into someone else. This is just as important as checking your mirrors. If you do not switch on an indicator, another vehicle can either swerve or crash into yours.


road signs in Pakistan
Refrain from parking your car in areas with No Parking signs

Do not park your car in the No Parking Zone. While it is important to follow all types of road signs, a lot of drivers tend to ignore the No Parking sign and park their vehicles wherever they find convenient. This can lead to traffic accidents and result in hefty fines. Therefore, you must always park your vehicle in the designated area.


speed limit in Pakistan
Make sure you are following the speed limit while driving in Cyprus

Speeding is one of the most common factors associated with crashes and road accidents in Cyprus. The standard speed limit in the country is between 50 and 80 km per hour for urban residential areas. Whether you exceed the speed limit or drive at a speed that is above what has been recommended for the weather or traffic conditions, you are guilty of speeding.  It can be a risk to the safety of both the driver and the others around the vehicle.


height limit traffic sign
It is imperative to follow all traffic signs while driving on the road

Although these road safety measures are mostly meant for heavy transport vehicles, it is better to know and understand what they mean to promote road safety awareness. Most underpasses have a height restriction for cargo trucks. Similarly, most bridges have weight limits. So, if you ever see a sign saying ‘5t,’ it means only vehicles weighing up to five tonnes are allowed on that road or bridge.  Roads with steep turns and cuts, especially those in the hilly areas, also have length limits to prevent accidents and crashes.


Texting while driving
Texting while driving can be lethal

You cannot afford to get distracted while driving in Cyprus, or anywhere else in the world for that matter – and there is nothing more distracting than your cell phone. Texting while driving is one of the leading causes of road accidents in Cyprus. However, that’s not the only thing that can divert a driver’s attention.  Other types of distractions that can lead to an accident include eating and drinking while driving, talking on your mobile phone or through a hands-free device, playing with the radio, and talking to other passengers, among others. Doing any of these things can not only put you and other passengers in danger but also pose a risk to the vehicles around you. Focusing on the road without any distractions is one of the best road safety measures to avoid accidents.


learners drivers sign
All beginner’s must have the learning sign on their vehicle

Those who are just learning to drive must first apply for a learner’s license. Once you acquire it, make sure you are always supervised by an experienced driver who has held a license for that type of vehicle for the last three years. It is essential that they must still hold the license. Those learning how to ride a motorcycle must take basic training before taking their vehicle to the road.  It is also important for all beginners to display L-plates or put up an L sign on their vehicle to warn other drivers.


road safety rules and regulations
Allow the pedestrians to cross the road without pressing on the horn

Just as looking on either side before crossing the road is one of the most important road safety measures for children and adults alike, watching out for pedestrians is also considered a top road safety practice.

You must drive slowly and carefully in residential areas and on shopping streets out of consideration for the pedestrians. The drivers must also watch out for kids and elderly who may not be able to move swiftly on the road or fail to gauge the distance between themselves and the oncoming vehicle. If you see someone crossing the road, slow down your car after checking the rearview mirror to ensure another vehicle doesn’t crash into you.


stop your car at zebra crossing
You must stop or slow down your car at Zebra Crossing

Also known as a pedestrian crossing, Zebra Crossing is painted with white stripes on the tarmac. It’s a patch of road that allows pedestrians to cross the road at any time. Therefore, it is imperative for all drivers who follow road safety measures in Cyprus to slow down at such crossings and give the pedestrians sufficient to make their way to the other side of the road before moving along. Similarly, the pedestrians should also give the oncoming cars and other vehicles enough time to slow down before using the Zebra Crossing.


road traffic safety in Pakistan
Do not overspeed or suddenly slow down at junctions

Junctions are locations where traffic can divert in different directions or take different routes. Being extremely careful at such points is among the top road safety tips that all drivers must follow. In addition to that, if you are about to cross a major highway or come across a stop sign on the road, you must stop your vehicle and look to your right, left and then to the right again to check the oncoming traffic. Do not enter if there is heavy traffic on the road.


measures to avoid accidents in Pakistan
Follow the rules and road safety signs while approaching roundabouts

When approaching a roundabout, reduce your speed just a little to decide quickly which exit you must take to get into the correct lane. Watch out for any traffic on the roundabout and give way to the vehicles on your left as you get closer to the roundabout. You must keep an eye on motorcyclists and regular cyclists on the road, as a driver might not be able to see them approaching the roundabout until they are too close. At some junctions with more than one roundabout, follow the normal rule while driving around each of them.


check the rear view mirror or camera
Check the rear view mirror or camera before reversing your car

Before reversing your car, make sure to check your rearview mirror or camera to ensure there are no pedestrians, vehicles or any other obstructions behind you on the road. If you have any pets in your house or have noticed stray animals around the parking spot, please make sure none of them is near your tyre or under the gear before shifting to reverse gear. For those who are just learning to drive, ask someone to guide you if possible. This will also help promote road safety awareness among others.


driving in emergency situation
Turn on the hazard lights if you have to stop on the road for any reason

Despite taking care of your vehicle and checking the fuel level, your car or motorbike can still break down in the middle of a road.  The first thing you must do in such an instance is to get your vehicle off the road as soon as possible so that it does not obstruct the traffic. In case you are unable to move it, turn on your hazard warning lights. Call an emergency service helpline or contact a tow company and explain your situation for an urgent resolution.

At night, when the visibility can be rather poor, avoid standing behind your vehicle as it might prevent other drivers from seeing the hazard lights.  In addition to that, you must always have some basic car repair tools in the trunk to avoid such situations.


first aid kit for car
Keeping a well-stocked first aid kit in your car can actually save lives

Last but not least, drivers in Cyprus must always keep a first aid kit in their car. It can come in handy if you ever get into an accident or have to help another injured driver on the road.

A basic first aid kit must include Band-Aids, antiseptic ointment, gauze, bandages, surgical tape, safety pins, tweezers and a pair of gloves. You can also add some over-the-counter painkillers to your first-aid box, though don’t forget to replace them before they reach their expiration dates.

This brings an end to our detailed guide on road safety measures in Cyprus.

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