What Is An Automatic Car In Car Rental?

Automatic cars change gear for you as you drive. If you want to hire an automatic car, you can specify this when you book. Automatic rental cars are available worldwide. They are common in some countries, such as the US and Japan, but more unusual in others, such as Spain and the UK. You can [...]

10 Fuel Saving Tips For Car Rental Drivers

Each car rental driver sadly receives the news when the low fuel level warning light flashes on the dashboard. Many factors can influence the car consumption. The following summary contains some useful tips that can help you to save fuel. 1. Let Us Travel Less Did you know that when you are driving a car, [...]

Should You Follow Your Gps System?

The Global Positioning System (GPS) has become an indispensable tool and incredibly useful in today’s world. By using the GPS system, everyone finds it easier to travel with less stress avoiding getting lost while on the road. However, like all innovative tools, it can be harmful, too. Z&X Cars has put together a quick guide [...]