A Luxury Spa Escape in Paphos

Set in a valley of mature trees, the resort offers a unique retreat, a place of profound calm and the opportunity to enjoy the health-giving waters which have benefited visitors for so many years. 

The Spa was first formally opened in 1649 by two brothers, Cosmas and Damianos. Their generosity in offering treatment often without thought of reward gave rise to the name Anargyri – without silver. They became known and loved locally for their selfless acts and affectionately known as saints.

The Ayii Anargyri Spa Resort offers a complete range of spa treatments, fed by the mineral-rich sulphur waters of the Ayia Anastasia spring.

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The only Paphos spa using natural spring water, which is channeled into three treatment pools, for kinesiotherapy, rheumatology and phlevology. The medical spa treatments are intended for conditions such as arthritis, rheumatism, gout and joint pain.

To complement the medical spa treatments, the spa offers an additional wide range of wellness treatments, including face and body care, massage therapies, fitness and physiotherapy.

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