UK Drivers: Hiring A Car In Europe After Brexit

Planning on visiting any EU countries? For the rest of 2020, the rules about hirirng a car in Europe after Brexit will stay exactly the same – you won’t need any extra paperwork. When Brexit happened in January 2020, the UK entered a ‘transition period’ that will last until 31 December 2020. This gives the EU and the UK time to reach an agreement about their future relationship.

Renting a car in the EU from 2021 onwards

On 1 January 2021, the UK and the EU will start following their new agreement, which will include rules on how the EU treats UK visitors (and how the UK treats EU visitors). As it stands, we do not know exactly what this will look like, but you might need an International Driving Permit (IDP) – as well as your UK driving licence – to drive in Europe.

There are actually three types of IDP, so be aware that you might need more than one if you’re driving through multiple countries. Just check the government website to find out which kind of IDP (if any) each country will require. An IDP only costs £5.50. You can purchase them at thousands of UK post offices.

Insuring a rental car in the EU

Any car you rent in Europe will come with a basic level of compulsory cover. You can choose to pay extra for optional insurance products.

EU hire cars do NOT need green cards

You may have heard that you need a ‘green card’ to show that you’re insured to drive in the EU. The good news is that green cards are just for driving your own car, or hire cars from the UK, in the EU. If you’re renting a hire car within the EU, you do not need a green card.

Crossing the Cypriot border with a hire car

When you pick up your hire car, check with your rental company if the insurance covers damages in the Cypriot-Turkish side.

Crossing the English Channel with a hire car

Always let a rental company in Europe know if you want to take a hire car across the sea – whether by ferry or by Eurotunnel. Some rental companies will ask you to pay a cross-border fee to take your car out of the country, but many rental companies simply do not allow their cars to travel across any sea.

What about European drivers renting in the UK?

So far, Brexit hasn’t changed anything for EU visitors to the UK either. However, they should always check with their local authority to see if this is changing.


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