Must Visit: Stavros Tis Psokas

If you are venturing out of town for some exploring this holiday season, make it a day to remember and take the winding roads through the Troodos mountains and the Paphos forest that lead you to the gorgeous ‘Stavros tis Psokas’.If you love remote spots, then this place is to die for. Smack bang in [...]

How To Drive In Strong Wind, Heavy Rain?

In winter, heavy rain, thunderstorms are common, they come suddenly and make more difficult the driving. The extreme weather conditions require full attention from drivers. Sometimes the best driving decisions is that you don’t go, until the weather doesn’t turn better, but of course this option isn’t always possible. Driving in heavy rain In addition [...]

Is It Safe To Drive With The Oil Light On?

The engine oil light indicates low engine oil levels or low engine oil pressure. Pull over and check your engine oil to avoid major engine damage. The oil light may come on for several different reasons, including a low oil level or a faulty sensor. If the oil light illuminates while you are driving, you [...]

Tips When Using The Brakes

Nowadays most of the cars are equipped with anti-blocking system ABS, used to prevent blocking of the wheels when sudden push of the brakes or when braking on slippery surface. Not many drivers know how to react properly in situation like this. That's why we offer you some tips how to handle with it. Without [...]

5 Mistakes When Driving At Night

The driving at night has its risks. It can be very dangerous if you do not drive sensibly and carefully. We will show you the most common mistakes that are made mostly of younger drivers. 1. Improper use of main and dipped beam Less experienced drivers do not know how and when to switch main [...]